This month’s edition of  “Art Your Heart Out” is going to be a bit different from the last ones. Typically my art breakdown consists mainly of studio art, however, I got to thinking recently and decided that the painter in me was giving you guys some pretty biased results.

I mean, art encompasses so many genres, and looking back, I noticed I haven’t been giving that much attention to other forms of artistic expression such as dance, poetry and theater events.

So as a result, I’ve decided to recalibrate and offer a more diverse set of offerings with the “Art Your Heart Out” segment.

I’m also going to be periodically updating this post throughout the month of April so that the content remains fresh and relevant!

So check out this most recent edition of “Art Your Heart Out” and most importantly — let me know what you think!

I love to get feedback from readers, even if you’ve literally just stumbled upon this blog by chance and aren’t necessarily an avid consumer of our content.

After all, every suggestion helps in helping me to deliver high-quality and valuable events for the District that everyone can enjoy.

So take a look at this month’s installation of “Art Your Heart Out” and leave some feedback in the comments below!

(I need friends…)

No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man
Now – January 21, 2019
Renwick Gallery

Ah….who doesn’t love the smell of Burning Man in the morning? Stale clothing, alcohol and unwashed hippie hair just does something to me.

I kid. But seriously — I’m totally obsessed with the art installations — pretty much the main reason why it’s caught so much publicity in the first place.

So, if you’re looking for your visual nirvana — this is it, folksl. Enjoy!

@fight4olddc - National Building Museum in Washington, DC - Museum Off the National Mall

Now – May 19, 2019
National Building Museum

This amazing exhibition put on courtesy of the National Building Museum explores the phenomenon of income inequality in America as well as the ever growing gap between social classes.

It’s filled with rich images and audio interviews as well as specially commissioned infographics to help shed awareness on and document this aspect of contemporary American culture.

 Filmfest DC
Now – April 29, 2018
Various DC locations

80 Films.

45 Countries.

11 Days.

1 Festival.

Are you ready for DC’s International Film Festival? I know I am!

Check out their website to find various locations on events around the district to satisfy your cinephelia.

‘A Right to the City’ exhibit at the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum - Free museum in Washington, DC

‘A Right to the City’
April 21, 2018 – April 19, 2020
Anacostia Community M

This project explores the history of gentrification within the nation’s capital and expounds upon the repercussions of disinvestment in the District coupled with the exponential population rise.

It also tackles the subject of the ever-growing disparities between wages and real estate prices — a topic which hits close to home as the District has some of the widest gaps in the nation.

This exhibition is meant to be empowering and uplifting, telling a story of how every day Washingtonians have helped to define and reshape our neighborhoods in amazing ways.

It’s definitely one for the books.

Image result for After the Rehearsal' & 'Persona’ - part of the Bergman 100 Celebration

After the Rehearsal’ & ‘Persona’
This weekend only
JFK Center for the Performing Arts

This amazing theater production put on courtesy of the JFK Center for the Performing arts re-imagines two iconic Ingmar Bergman screenplays.

Director Ivo van Hove is the brainchild of this production which “delves into the messy lives of theater artists” and features “searing performances”.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

‘Art in Industry’
Now – December 31, 2018
National Museum of American History

This awesome exhibit is a retrospective on an era America embraced artistic skill as a way “build consumer-oriented industrial economy”.

This features art of various disciplines from the 1830s to the 1930s and views it through the three primary lenses of “learning, working and selling”.

Unrest in Baton Rouge - ‘Pictures of the Year: 75 Years of the World's Best Photography’ at the Newseum

‘Pictures of the Year: 75 Years of the World’s Best Photography’
Now – January 2019

This awesome exhibit currently going on at the Newseum features “groundbreaking” and “award-winning hotography” from over the past seven decades.

The works are courtesy of the Pictures of the Year International (POYi), which is widely considered one of the most established and “prestigious photojournalism competitions” in the world.

‘Underground Railroad Game’ at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company - Performing Arts in Washington, DC

‘Underground Railroad Game’
Now-April 29, 2018
Wooly Mammoth Theatre Company

If you’re in the mood for some raw, unfiltered graphic comedy, then you’ll be excited to hear about the Ars Nova production of the “Underground Railroad Game”.

This awesome production was a 2017 Obie Award Winner in the category of Best New American Theatre Work, so you can guarantee it’s going to be awesome.

The storie follows to middle school teachers who get “shockingly graphic” with a lesson on the dynamics between “race, sex and power”.

Definitely a must-see. Bring your tea ya’ll.

Image result for vietgone

April 25, 2018 – May 20, 2018
Studio Theatre

This “high-octane comedy” from Qui Nguyen is a wild, action-packed (albeit highly embellished) tale of the story behind the playwright’s parent’s “reluctant courtship”.

The two meet at an Arkansas refugee camp in 1975 and from then on the story is complete with all the trappings of a Marlon Brando or James Dean film.

Oh, did we mention Nguyen is totally a screenwriter for Marvel Studios? Yeah…about that…it’s gonna be awesome.

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