Insane Photos from the Tiniest Houses In the World  [Vice]  There are places in the world where people pay for apartments that are too small to lie down in.  That literally used to be a medieval torture device.

Anonymous LLCs Have Made It Easy to Hide In the Housing Market  [New York Times]  There’s really only one reason your landlord wouldn’t want you to know their name, and it probably involves taking five days to get a plumber to unclog your toilet.

Designing a Drone-Proof City  [Polis]  I’ll sign onto any idea, no matter how wacky, that promises to weaponize QR codes.

This 240-Square-Foot Fairfax Tiny House Can Be Yours for $25K  [Curbed DC]  If this is a tiny house, is a trailer home a tiny mansion?

What’s with that Weird Intelsat Building On Connecticut Avenue?  [Washington Post]  Jeff Bezos missed a golden opportunity to buy and live in a building that looks exactly like an Amazon Echo.

Art Installation Begins to Light Up NoMa Underpass  [Greater Greater Washington]  Thousands of LED light rods hanging from an underpass is not a “NoMa” type of art project – but it looks perfect for “Swampoodle.”  Bring back “Swampoodle”!



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