This $63 Million NoVa Estate Is the Most Expensive Home Ever In the DC Area  [Urban Turf DC]  This place was owned by a co-founder of AOL.  We live in a country where you can amass generational wealth by mailing hundreds of millions of unsolicited CDs to old people.

Impress Your Neighbors with This Edgy Brutalist Lawn Gnome  [Arch Daily]  Will someone please buy this cool lawn ornament so I can steal it out of your yard at 330 in the morning?

Madrid Is Expanding Its Car Ban  [Citylab]  You know how if you go to Central Park in New York, there are like two old-fashioned horse-drawn carriages for tourists to ride in?  Is that the future of the car?

These People Ditched Their House for an RV, and Have No Regrets  [Los Angeles Times]  In fairness, if I ditched my house for an RV, and DID have regrets, I certainly wouldn’t admit that to a reporter.

Why Isn’t There a World War One Memorial On the Mall?  [The New Yorker]   Is the White House technically the War of 1812 Memorial, since they burned down the first White House during that war?

Some Think Amazon’s HQ2 Would Be a Bad Thing for DC  [WAMU]  Something I didn’t know:  in the same year Jeff Bezos became the wealthiest man on the planet, Amazon paid zero federal taxes.  I’d be rich too, if I didn’t have to pay any taxes!  (That’s not true, I’d just be marginally less poor.)

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