This Modular Green Wall System Generates Electricity from Moss  [Arch Daily]  “My phone’s down to 5%, pass me the Chia Pet.”

Mall Massacre: 75% of America’s Malls Are Going to Fail  [Axios]  The remaining 25% will be supported mainly by the revenue from kiosks selling temporary tattoos, lava lamps, and 20-gallon buckets of caramel corn.

Every Public Pool In DC, Mapped  [Curbed DC]  Sneaking into hotel pools gives you that illicit rush, but the sad truth is that public pools are more fun, and much better for people watching.

The Numbers Say DC Has Added Almost 23K New Housing Units In the Past Five Years  [District Measured]  Wait, if we’ve added this much housing in the past five years, why hasn’t rent gone down?  Is it a conspiracy?  Everything’s a conspiracy nowadays, so I’m going to go ahead and blame my high rent on a conspiracy.

You Could Own Joan Didion’s Childhood Home  [Sacramento Bee]  I met Joan Didion once, after a reading at the Folger Shakespeare Library.  I said, “I’m a fan,” and she looked at me like I’d just peed on her shoe.  That’s my Joan Didion story.

The Logan Circle Milk Bar Is Opening Next Week  [Popville]  How’s your summer diet going?  Is it going well?  Not anymore it isn’t.

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