The Worst  Home Design Trends of the Past 50 Years  [Arch Daily]  While I beg to differ with a few of these (waterbeds are awesome, I don’t care what anyone says), I think we can all agree that “toilet rugs” are the absolute worst.  I don’t even like to type “toilet rugs.”

Amazon Is Officially Too Big to Tax  [Vice]  Imagine being such a huge company that you could just say “nah” when the government tries to tax you.  Are we sure we want HQ2?

This Concrete Can Trap CO2 Emissions Forever  [CNN Money]  How would you like to live in a stylish Brutalist-style concrete home?  That’s saturated with deadly planet-killing gases?

Landmark Mall Is Now a Homeless Shelter  [New York Times]  Serious question – are malls dying because people realized they were miserable places to shop, or because no one has any money anymore?

Tangier, the Sinking Island In the Chesapeake  [The New Yorker]  Speaking of climate change, did you know that the Sahara desert used to be a thriving rain forest?  (We’re screwed, aren’t we?)

Did This Old-Timey Gentleman’s Club Go Extinct?  [DCist]  *Realizes it’s not that kind of ‘gentleman’s club’*  *Immediately loses interest*

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