Are Americans Moving to the Suburbs?  It’s Complicated  [Citylab]  Americans pick out a place to live like my parents pick out a Chinese buffet for lunch;  they just go wherever it’s cheap.

House Flipping Isn’t As Easy As It Looks On TV  [New York Times]  I watch ten minutes of one of those house-flipping shows, and I’m 110% ready to put down my life savings for a vacant, black mold-filled fixer-upper.  Is that a testament to the magic of television, or is my life just that boring?

Homebuilders Claim Regulation Adds 30% to Housing Costs  [Washington Business Journal]  It’s true, building houses would be much cheaper if they didn’t have to worry about the roof caving in or electrical fires breaking out.

How to Ruin a Housing Market  [Dallas Observer]  There should be a law that landlord/tenant laws can only be written and voted on by people who actually rent their homes.

Le Corbusier’s Former Home Renovated to Original Design  [Arch Daily]  Hmmmm.  Beware the architect whose own home looks nothing like the homes he designs for other people.

Zillow Uses Data to Project Impact of Climate Change On Real Estate Values  [NPR]  Spoiler alert:  the news ain’t good.

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