Have DC Developers Taken Facadism Too Far?  [Washingtonian]  I didn’t even know that architectural style of “let’s build a shiny new building looming above and slightly behind this old historic building” had a name!  And yes, it’s gone way too far.  It always looks like the old building is being devoured by some kind of alien robotic parasite off of “The X-Files.”

Silicon Valley Is Trying to Disrupt How Buildings Are Built  [Citylab]  Anyone who thinks the free market is efficient should have to sit through a daylong meeting between half a dozen project managers arguing about whose fault it is that one of the sub-subcontractors installed the plumbing upside down.

How High Real Estate Price Could Depolarize America’s Politics  [Marketwatch]  The idea is that people will leave high-cost blue states and settle in low-cost red states, thereby diluting the self-sorting effect.  And red states do have insanely low rent, which I only know because my mom always leaves the local paper’s apartment listings on my bed when I visit her in the Midwest.

Rising Sea Levels Could Wash Away Seaside Towns  [CBS News]  I spent a week in Florida recently, and every house I saw was either squat, made of concrete blocks, and on stilts, or was still wrecked and boarded up from the last hurricane.  Behold your future, America.

What Is the American Dream Home In 2018?  [Arch Daily]  “Something I can afford” is the only REAL answer here.

This Wacky Tiny Home Looks Exactly Like a Lunar Lander  [Digital Trends]  This is perfect for someone who wants to own a vacation home, but doesn’t want to deal with their friends asking to use it all the time.

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