“Opportunity Zones” Are Drawing Tons of Interest from Real Estate Developers  [Housing Wire]  Tax breaks are the duct tape of urban development.  They really can do anything.

Here’s How Long It Takes to Save Up a Down Payment In DC  [Curbed DC]   Nine years!  I can’t decide if that’s really punitive and depressing, or less time than I thought.  It’s both, I think.

Munich Is Getting an Urban Gondola  [Citylab]  Now we have to build the Georgetown gondola.  I don’t think I can live knowing that we’ve fallen behind Munich.

DC Apartment Hunters, Beware the Phantom Rental  [Urban Turf DC]  Whenever I look at apartment listings, and see those impossibly cheap, obviously fake listings, I’m always like, “come on, no one is going to fall for that.”  But apparently 6% of people fall for them.

7 Green Building Techniques to Use on Your Dream Home  [Architectural Digest]  I love all these ideas, but that monolithic Finnish mass oven looks like something that would start talking to you late at night after you eat a weed cookie.

How Dirty Was Miami’s Luxury Real Estate Market?  Pretty Dirty  [Miami Herald]  Turns out that once the feds started wanting to know who was behind all the shell companies buying up all the luxury real estate, those shell companies stopped buying luxury real estate.  I think I speak for all District real estate companies when I say, bring some of that faceless laundered cash up here!

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