People Are Building Fake Midcentury Moderns Now  [5280 Magazine]  Even though these newly-constructed midcentury moderns are sort of bootlegs, I have to admit I never thought of doing this.  People are lamenting the demolition of all these cool Brutalist buildings, but you could build a new one for a fraction of the cost of a regular house.  (Of course, you’d then live in a bootleg Brutalist.)

How 8 DC Developments Are Trying to Accommodate Cyclists  [Bisnow]  I always roll my eyes when people say they picked their building because of some little amenity like a dog run or spin classes, but when I read about a new building that has a free air machine for bike tires, I have to stop myself from packing my bags.

Here’s Why It Seems Like Developers Are Only Building Luxury Housing  [Greater Greater Washington]  Short answer:  because they are.  Long answer:  uh … there is no long answer.

This Sculptor’s House Is a Work of Art  [Architectural Digest]  I might anger a lot of people in black turtlenecks by saying this, but it’s very possible that sculptors have cooler houses than architects.

9 Vacation Homes to Fuel Your Wanderlust  [Curbed]  If by “wanderlust” you mean “extreme jealousy,” then yes, these 9 vacation homes definitely fueled my “wanderlust.”

How to Build with Cheap, Modular Concrete Blocks  [Arch Daily]  I hate to be the “well, actually” guy, but if you look into construction sites, you’ll see that most buildings are already made out of concrete blocks.

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