A house may not be a home and walls cannot talk, but this doesn’t stop us from remembering fondly — sometimes even viscerally — some of the places we have called home over our lives.

And what do we remember about them? Sometimes only the smell of meals cooked long before we came to stand in the kitchen, or the sound of the spring on the screen door when it creaks open or the crack in the plaster on the bathroom wall that kind of looks like a cat lying down. THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME


This month’s edition of  “Art Your Heart Out” is going to be a bit different from the last ones. Typically my art breakdown consists mainly of studio art, however, I got to thinking recently and decided that the painter in me was giving you guys some pretty biased results.

I mean, art encompasses so many genres, and looking back, I noticed I haven’t been giving that much attention to other forms of artistic expression such as dance, poetry and theater events.

So as a result, I’ve decided to recalibrate and offer a more diverse set of offerings with the “Art Your Heart Out” segment. [THE ALWAYS UPDATED] ART YOUR HEART OUT: APRIL


Ah, tattoos. Fresh ink, skin that tells a story, the striking permanence of spontaneity, an art form that has truly taken hold of the latest generations. Most people can either go on and on about their opposition to tattoos or will be searching their phone frantically to show you their idea for their upcoming addition to their arm, or foot, or wherever, as soon as the topic comes up. Love them or hate them, though, they are certainly a part of today’s culture. There are tattoo shops with long wait lists, artists with obsessive followers on Instagram, many boards on Pinterest dedicated to dreaming up the ideal ink, and more. And if you’re looking to get in on the trend in the District, you can consider yourself lucky – we’re home to some pretty amazing, skilled, and renowned tattoo artists. So, where exactly can you sign yourself up for your next add-on to your sleeve or be pushed over the edge for your first ink? Here are some of the most well-known (and well-loved) tattoo parlors in our neck of the woods. WHERE TO GET INKED: SCOPING DC’S TATTOO SCENE


If you’ve ever held a paintbrush in your hands, or been privy to the way a pencil glides across paper, you might agree with me when I boldly claim that art is a language all its own. And it’s a language that transcends rules. After all, art is something that we can all mutually appreciate, but lends itself to varying interpretations. It’s a world wonder in its own right, and something that should be held dear, available to all, and often on the front pages (politics, schmolitics). It’s no secret that we could each spend eons uncovering artists worth writing about – they’re out there, creating in droves. One in particular that has recently inspired many headlines, exhibits, and hearts is Stephen Wiltshire, an internationally acclaimed artist from Britain. CITYSCAPES FROM MEMORY: ART BY STEVEN WILTSHIRE