Ah, tattoos. Fresh ink, skin that tells a story, the striking permanence of spontaneity, an art form that has truly taken hold of the latest generations. Most people can either go on and on about their opposition to tattoos or will be searching their phone frantically to show you their idea for their upcoming addition to their arm, or foot, or wherever, as soon as the topic comes up. Love them or hate them, though, they are certainly a part of today’s culture. There are tattoo shops with long wait lists, artists with obsessive followers on Instagram, many boards on Pinterest dedicated to dreaming up the ideal ink, and more. And if you’re looking to get in on the trend in the District, you can consider yourself lucky – we’re home to some pretty amazing, skilled, and renowned tattoo artists. So, where exactly can you sign yourself up for your next add-on to your sleeve or be pushed over the edge for your first ink? Here are some of the most well-known (and well-loved) tattoo parlors in our neck of the woods. WHERE TO GET INKED: SCOPING DC’S TATTOO SCENE



The models stand topless (and nearly bottomless) in front of a room full of people, their skin the canvas for the artists of DC Creators.

Tonight’s theme is superheroes, and the models are getting decked out in strapless bustiers and thick, black chokers. If you thought Wonder Woman or Catwoman looked like their get-ups were painted on, these liquid costumes are the real deal.

The event is called Winter Soulstice, a body painting dance pARTy for models, painters and shutters, and it’s hosted by DC Creators. NUDITY? PSHAW! PEOPLE COME FOR THE ART!