In Other News …


DC Landmarks Under Water  [Flavorwire]  Artist Nickolay Lamm’s photos illustrate the effects of global warming 500 years from now.  I’ll be long dead by then, though, so pass the aerosol deodorant.

Chevy Chase Landlord Caught Taping Female Tenants  [Washington Examiner]  Forget equity, pervy landlords with hidden cameras are the best reason to own your own home.

Homes for Sale On One-Block Streets  [Curbed DC]  Number four on the list!  Will the mortgage industry please bring back liar loans so I can buy number four and live there for a couple years before the inevitable foreclosure?

High-End Home Sales Jump In DC  [Washington Business Journal]  Home sales below a million have declined, whereas home sales above a million have gone up by over thirty percent.  The lesson:  if you’re selling your house, set the price at above a million.  Science!

White House Party Crashers’ Winery Headed to Foreclosure  [Washington Post]  ”Hmmm, I’m detecting notes of desperation and sociopathy, with a lilting undertone of bankruptcy …”

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