In Other News …


Trinidad Basement Rent Is $2200  [Titan of Trinidad]  I feel like if you’re going to ask for over two grand a month for a basement apartment, you might as well just ask for a million a month.  Anyone gullible enough to take the first offer is probably gullible enough to take the second.

More Condos Coming to Bloomingdale  [UrbanTurf]  Another restaurant, too.  Before you finish reading this sentence, this neighborhood will officially be “over.”

Ten Million Dollar Bethesda Home Features Indoor Tennis Court  [Curbed DC]  Any terrorists reading this just nodded and muttered, “see, this is why I hate America.”

DC Land Swap Mulled  [Washington Business Journal]  DC United has threatened to move to a different city if they don’t receive free land for a stadium;  they will literally take their ball and go (to a different) home.

Atlas District Streetcars Begin Test Runs  [DCist]  I was going to make a remark about when are they going to bring back rickshaws, and right at that moment a bike cab rode by my window.  So yeah.

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